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Low Testosterone Therapy

Treatment Recommended:

As part of our comprehensive approach to regenerative medicine, QC Kinetix addresses a multitude of factors that can affect the clinical outcome of our patients. When you invest in yourself with regenerative stem cell therapies, we want you to get the very best results you can possibly have. To that end, we at QC Kinetix like to address the possibility of low testosterone in our male patients. We know that lower testosterone levels may reduce your overall response to regenerative therapies that we employ. Therefore, we recommend that all of our male patients consider an assessment of their testosterone level when working with us.

Most people have the misconception that low testosterone (Low T) levels are responsible for decreased libido and erectile dysfunction only. In fact, most of the men we see have many other more significant symptoms that affect their overall quality of life. The most common symptoms we see in men who have Low T include fatigue, poor sleep, decreased muscle strength and endurance, as well as irritability and afternoon tiredness. In addition, you could experience a decrease in muscle mass, increase in body fat, and, of course, a decrease in libido and erectile dysfunction. But, quite frankly, most of the men we see who are treated for Low T actually do not have the primary complaint of decreased sex drive or sexual function.

You might be a candidate if you experience one of the following:

  • decreased sex drive
  • weaker erections
  • lack of energy
  • decrease in strength or endurance
  • lost height
  • decreased "enjoyment of life"
  • frequent sad and/or grumpy moods
  • fatigue
  • loss in mental clarity

We believe strongly in the appropriate clinical management of Low Testosterone and know how important it can be to not only improving your quality of life, but also your regenerative medicine results. We look forward to working with you.