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While we generally associate arthritis with aging, people of all ages suffer from the condition. Nearly 22% of all adults in America have arthritis. It is one of the leading causes of work disability, accounting for more than $300 billion in lost wages and medical care annually. For many, joint pain and stiffness make daily living a chore.

Don’t let arthritis pain limit your options and activities — QC Kinetix can help with our  regenerative medicine treatments for arthritis pain relief.

Arthritis is a chronic disease affecting the joints — the places where bone meets bone and movement occurs. The joints swell, becoming tender and inflamed, causing pain, stiffness, swelling, and impaired range of motion. Arthritis can compromise your favorite hobbies and activities, leaving you crippled by pain and desperate for some sort of arthritis pain relief treatment.

Arthritis is not a single disease; it refers to joint pain and several forms of joint disease. There are over 100 types of arthritis and related conditions. These conditions can have rapid onset symptoms or can be gradually degenerative. While arthritis is more common in older women than men, the condition can also be triggered at any age by injuries, such as torn ligaments or bone fractures.

Arthritis Types, Causes, and Symptoms

Most forms of arthritis, like osteoarthritis (OA), are associated with age and overuse. But arthritis can also affect people who have had injuries or joint surgeries. In addition, there is an entire class of arthritic diseases related to autoimmune conditions, like rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

RA can become quite severe, where the symptoms include loss of appetite, anemia, inflammation of the immune system, and even joint deformity if left untreated.

All joints contain a strong and flexible tissue called cartilage, which acts as a shock absorber to protect the joints and bones. It provides a cushioning effect within each joint whenever you move. If the cartilage breaks down, friction increases in the joints, causing significant pain. Arthritis in the hands or wrists can make typing or playing an instrument an agony. When it sets into the lower back or hips, walking, sitting, and standing, as well as more complex activities, can be excruciating.

Arthritis resulting from wear and tear is osteoarthritis (OA). Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disorder. People suffering from RA have immune systems that attack their tissues for reasons that are not completely understood. This attack also affects the synovium and synovial fluid (lubricating liquid in the joints) and damages the joints significantly.

Turn to QC Kinetix for arthritis pain relief treatment.

Turn to QC Kinetix for arthritis pain relief treatment.

Many arthritis pain relief treatments have been developed with varying levels of success in alleviating pain. Conventional approaches range from hot compresses and other localized heat treatments to anti-inflammatory medications, corticosteroids, and surgery.

Some doctors prescribe painkillers or anti-inflammatory medications. Counter-intuitively, ongoing exercise and stretching can help diminish the pain. Some care providers urge massage or physical therapy. Others use immunosuppressants to reduce joint inflammation and relieve arthritis pain. Sometimes, corticosteroid injections are used to treat severe pain.

When all other arthritis pain relief treatments have failed, your doctor may recommend surgery to repair, replace, or even fuse the affected joints. However, surgical approaches to arthritis pain relief are complex, with significant risks and potential complications. Many such surgeries are unsuccessful and simply increase the pain and further restrict your range of motion. When the surgery is effective, it also causes a long, painful recovery with risks of infection, joint stiffness, and damage to the blood vessels and nerves.

Surgical arthritis pain relief treatments injure the body in order to reach the surgical site. Many fear the added pain of surgery, the anesthesia, scar tissue build-up, potential risks, and lengthy recovery required.

There may be specific severe cases where joint replacement surgery is necessary. But for those searching for genuine arthritis pain relief without surgery, there is QC Kinetix.

QC Kinetics takes a different approach. Our non-surgical methods for treating arthritis go to the source of your pain, employing a variety of natural and biologic arthritis pain relief treatments. Rather than mask your pain, our therapies work to rebuild the damaged joint tissues to resolve the pain at its source.

What Is the Best Treatment for Arthritis in the Lower Back?

QC Kinetix’s lower back and hip arthritis pain relief treatment stimulates your body’s inherent healing capabilities and focuses on the source of your pain to repair and rejuvenate the damaged joints. Let’s take a closer look at how regenerative therapies compare with surgery.

When you have a cut or scrape, your body repairs the wound. And if you break a bone, your body knits it and gradually undoes the damage. Conventional surgery also relies on your body’s regenerative abilities: After the operation, the incision is closed, and you must wait for your body to heal.

Regenerative medicine relies on your body’s innate abilities without resorting to surgery. So there’s no added pain, no need for anesthesia, no cause for scar tissue, and no risks of complications. Instead, our biologic therapies stimulate your body’s natural healing mechanisms and train them on the damaged joints. As your body works to repair and heal the tissue damage, your arthritis pain resolves.

Schedule your free consultation with your local QC Kinetix. We’ll answer all your questions, conduct a thorough exam, and review your medical records to determine how we can help you. Learn what to expect when you visit QC Kinetix.

Living With Arthritis in the Lower Back

Living with lower back pain is challenging. Sitting, standing, and walking are exhausting when you have unrelenting pain and stiffness in your back. It hurts to bend, twist, or lift, and basic daily tasks like bathing and dressing are a chore.

Yet, it’s critical that you continue to exercise and stretch so you don’t lose further range of motion. Focusing on strengthening the back muscles and your core can reduce pressure on the spine and the weak disks and joints. Weight management helps lighten the load on the back.

Icing arthritis flare-ups and using heat at the pain site can bring temporary relief. And sufficient rest — lying down with good posture — is essential.

In addition to these proactive steps, QC Kinetix can help you find lasting relief from arthritic pain. Follow our regenerative medicine blog to learn more about alternative treatments for arthritis pain relief.

Outside Ankle Pain With No Swelling

Peroneal tendonitis and stress fractures of the lateral malleolus, or the exterior ankle bone, can cause severe pain outside the ankle with no swelling. While home remedies such as rest and ice can provide temporary relief, it’s essential to get a proper medical assessment for a definitive diagnosis and targeted ankle pain treatment plan. At QC Kinetix, we provide regenerative treatments for ankle pain that address the root cause of your discomfort, helping your body heal itself and return to its optimal function.

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Understanding Arthritis

QC Kinetix provides effective regenerative treatments for arthritis pain relief. Our non-surgical, drug-free approach works with your body’s natural healing mechanisms to relieve pain and help improve your mobility. With our non-invasive biologic therapies, there’s no need for anesthesia, no scar tissue, and no lengthy, painful recovery time. You won’t have to miss a single day of work.

Learn how regenerative therapies have helped our patients in our QC Kinetix reviews, then learn what regenerative medicine can do for you — contact QC Kinetix to schedule a free consultation.

Help for your arthritis pain is within reach — find a QC Kinetix regenerative medicine center near you. Give us a call today and improve your quality of life!

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Understanding Arthritis

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Does CBD help with arthritis?

Many people use Cannabidiol (CBD), a compound that occurs naturally in the hemp plant, to help manage their arthritis pain. CBD has powerful pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. QC Kinetix has developed a CBD muscle cream that offers temporary relief for painful, stiff muscles and joints. Our full-spectrum CBD cream penetrates your skin and muscles to deliver the healing and soothing relief of CBD where you need it most.

What helps arthritis from getting worse?

Arthritis is a degenerative condition in which the joint tissue breaks down over time, causing increasing pain. A proactive approach that leverages a healthy diet, regular exercise, restorative sleep, and stress management is the conventional method for preventing worsening arthritis symptoms. QC Kinetix’s regenerative arthritis pain relief treatments complement this holistic approach, providing lasting pain relief.

What is the most painful type of arthritis?

The most painful form of arthritis is rheumatoid arthritis, RA. This autoimmune disease attacks the joints, internal organs, and other tissues. RA leads to tremendous pain, swollen joints, and sometimes deformities.

Other painful types of arthritis include gout, psoriatic arthritis, and osteoarthritis.

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