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Hair thinning and baldness can result from hormonal changes, medication side effects, medical conditions, or heredity. It is chronic, progressive, and frustrating, and it affects women as well as men. Thinning hair can occur as an overall thinning, a widening bald spot, a sudden loosening of the hair follicles, or several random bald patches.

Regenerative therapies can provide successful treatments for thinning hair without surgery and the complications or contraindications of prescription hair stimulation medications.

Natural Hair Regeneration Treatments

Thinning hair has many causes, from styling damage to genetics to stress. In addition, pharmaceutical side effects, depression, heart problems, arthritis, radiation therapy, gout, high blood pressure, and poor diet can all result in progressively thinning hair or hair loss.

Yet the issue isn’t so much “hair thinning” or “hair loss” as it is the inability to grow new hair quickly enough to replace shed hair. After all, we typically lose 50 to 100 hairs daily as part of a natural renewal cycle; this is normal. So long as your hair continues to grow well, you will never notice that loss.

Every hair follicle goes through a four-stage cycle, including an active growth stage (anagen) and a resting stage (telogen) before the hair falls out. In healthy hair, a new hair grows in the follicle, displacing the old hair that falls away.

Regenerative hair treatments go to the source — the follicles — to rehabilitate them, making them healthier and more productive. The hair follicle is one of the few structures in the body that can resume healthy functioning after shutting down. That is the goal of our natural hair regrowth treatments. We help your hair follicles wake up again, re-enter the anagen stage, and begin growing healthy new hair.

QC Kinetix offers a unique and comprehensive approach to regenerating and improving hair follicle density and thickness. The majority of thinning hair and baldness cases can be managed medically without the need for surgery. Our multi-faceted hair loss treatments include customized natural biologics, laser light therapy, and QC Kinetix Hair Health supplements. Our approach is entirely tailored to your specific needs, allowing us to help you improve your hair’s appearance, health, and thickness.

Who Is a Candidate?

Not everyone is a good candidate for our treatment, and the last thing we want to do is promise a hair regeneration treatment to someone unlikely to benefit from it. When you come in for your free consultation, we will sit down with you to learn and evaluate the causes and repercussions of your hair loss. If you are a good candidate, we will develop a program specifically tailored to addressing the root cause of your problem.

We will thoroughly explain the various natural hair regeneration treatment options and how we can best help you regain healthy follicles to produce abundant hair growth. While there are many potential causes of thinning hair and baldness, if any of the following describes your issue, chances are, our hair regeneration treatment can help:

  • Age-related hair thinning
  • Male or female pattern baldness
  • Alopecia
  • Anagen effluvium
  • Telogen effluvium
  • Low hair follicle density

Hair Regeneration Results

The QC Kinetix custom hair treatment package utilizes a natural biologic protocol, laser light therapy, and QC Kinetix Hair Health supplementation. A protocol created by the physicians at QC Kinetix designed to regenerate hair follicles and keep you away from surgery!

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Don’t Give Up on Finding the Right Hair Regeneration Treatment

Hair transplant surgery is expensive, time-consuming, somewhat painful, and not without potential complications. Further, the surgically moved follicles will still follow the four-stage process of active growth, end of growth, rest, and hair release. The relocated follicles will still be prone to getting “stuck” in the resting stage and failing to produce new hair after a while. And pharmaceutical hair loss treatments can have their own side effects and problems.

But there is no need to give up! Our natural, regenerative, non-surgical thinning hair treatment may reverse your current patterns. Of course, there are no instant fixes for hair loss, and it is a chronic condition. However, we are confident the QC Kinetics comprehensive hair regeneration treatment can help you to achieve the desired results. So let us help you to feel better and more confident about your hair!

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