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Non-Surgical Regenerative
Medicine Treatments

The regenerative health providers at QC Kinetix are highly trained doctors and physician assistants who are board certified in sports medicine, orthopedic medicine and surgery, emergency medicine, and pain management. Each took their own path to discover the power of regenerative medicine to alleviate pain for their patients. We’re proud to work with these compassionate and skilled healers at the QC Kinetix regenerative health centers nationwide.

QC Kinetix and Pro Football Legend Emmitt Smith Partnership

Pro Football Legend and Dancing with the Stars Champion Emmitt Smith knows pain! QC Kinetix is thrilled to partner with the NFL’s all-time leading rusher and have him share his experience with our pain-relieving regenerative treatments.

Why QC Kinetix?







Welcoming Dr. Mitchell Sheinkop, Our National Medical Director

QC Kinetix is proud to introduce Dr. Mitchell Sheinkop as our National Medical Director. A visionary in regenerative medicine with over three decades of experience in orthopedics, Dr. Sheinkop brings a wealth of knowledge and an innovative approach to our leadership team. His dedication to advancing patient care through non-invasive treatments aligns with our mission to utilize the body’s own healing mechanisms, providing an alternative to surgery and offering hope to those suffering from musculoskeletal discomfort.

Dr. Sheinkop’s pioneering spirit and commitment to evidence-based medicine are driving QC Kinetix towards new frontiers in healthcare. As we embrace this exciting chapter under his guidance, we are set to redefine excellence in regenerative medicine, enhancing patient outcomes across the nation. Join us in celebrating Dr. Sheinkop’s role in shaping a future where healing is both natural and accessible.

We understand the concept of our top-level care, regenerative medicine, and our clinics may be new for you. To gain a better understanding — we practice “Concierge Medicine.” From the moment you walk through our doors, you are greeted with a warm, friendly welcome, including an offer of a beverage or snack to make you feel relaxed and at home. You will instantly notice our clean, modern space that combines efficiency for services in a spa-like atmosphere.

You will receive a thorough exam focused on areas of concern by a compassionate and highly skilled provider. Our experts in regenerative medicine will then determine your candidacy for our protocols and customize a treatment plan specifically to meet your needs. The recommended therapies are designed to help you reach your goals for pain-free living.

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QC Kinetix Regenerative Treatments

We offer various non-surgical regenerative treatments that get to the source of your pain to try to resolve it by galvanizing your body’s natural ability to renew itself. We have helped patients dealing with all types of conditions, such as knee pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, lower back pain, and much more.

Regenerative Knee Pain Therapy

Regenerative knee pain therapy can often provide the relief you need without painful surgery.

Learn More

Shoulder Pain Relief

Our methods leverage leading methodologies and natural processes for restoring shoulder joint tissues.

Learn More

Elbow Pain
Regenerative Therapy

QC Kinetix regenerative medicine for elbow pain delivers effective relief.

Learn More

Regenerative Medicine
for Wrist Pain

For those suffering from persistent wrist pain, every day is a battle.

Learn More

Lower Back Pain
Relief Without Surgery

QC Kinetics provides regenerative medicine: alternative treatments for lower back pain.

Learn More

Hip Pain Relief and
Alternative Treatments

QC Kinetix regenerative medicine for elbow pain delivers effective relief.

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Ankle Pain
Regenerative Therapy

Ankle pain can strike at any age and can be severely limiting; it can constrain your ability to walk, stand, and do the activities you love.

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Weight Loss Treatments

Our weight loss program at QC Kinetix incorporates the latest advancements in medical science, featuring compounded peptides like semaglutide and tirzepatide.

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Arthritis Pain
Relief Treatments

While we generally associate arthritis with aging, people of all ages suffer from the condition.

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Finger and Toe Joint
Pain Treatments

The smallest joints in our bodies have an extraordinary concentration of nerve endings and pain receptors, making our extremities especially sensitive

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Hand & Foot Pain
Relief Without Surgery

Hand and foot pain can stem from many issues, including physical injury, frequent overuse, arthritis, and nerve compression.

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Tendon and Ligament Pain Relief

Our non-surgical, drug-free regenerative therapies focus your body’s ability to heal and repair itself at the pain’s  source.

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Over 150+ Regenerative Treatment Centers Nationwide!

We’re located nationwide - ir’s easy to find a QC Kinetix Center near you!

What Our Patients
Are Saying

If you’re in pain and considering QC Kinetix regenerative medicine treatments as an alternative to surgery, you likely have many questions. Learn from real people who have experienced renewed mobility and rediscovered life without pain.

Don’t Let The Pain Stop You From Doing The Things You Love!

Have Questions? Get Answers

FAQs About Our Clinic

Does your local pain clinic have age restrictions?

Yes. You must be 18 years old to be a QC Kinetix patient. As long as you are 18 and meet our minimum health requirements, you can be considered as a candidate for treatment.

Is there any reason I may not be a candidate for regenerative pain medicine treatment?

Regenerative pain medicine is not appropriate for every cause of pain. Further, there are some conditions in which treatment is contraindicated. These are:

  • Women who are pregnant or nursing
  • Anyone with a compromised immune system
  • Anyone with active cancer
  • Anyone going through a chemotherapy or radiation therapy regimen currently
  • If your pain comes from a total joint replacement
  • If you have kidney failure and require dialysis

If you are unsure whether you would be an ideal candidate for treatment at our clinic, contact us today.

What if I have been treated elsewhere before?

If you have been treated for pain before visiting QC Kinetix, please bring any diagnostic study films or reports to your free consultation so we can review them and avoid repeating any tests unnecessarily. In addition, we always welcome the opportunity to provide a second opinion on a case or help you understand whether you are eligible for any of our alternative therapies for pain.

Does QC Kinetix provide non-surgical treatments for other issues?

We currently offer regenerative medicine treatment to patients who suffer from pain, discomfort, or lack of mobility. In some of our QC Kinetix locations, we provide men’s health and hair loss treatmentsSchedule your free consultation today to see how we can jump-start your healing process.

How much will my regenerative pain medicine treatment cost?

At QC Kinetix, we provide various regenerative medicine treatments for a wide range of conditions. We will need to examine you to learn about your issues before determining which therapies and how many treatments you need. At your free consultation, we will provide you with the exact price for the treatments we recommend. We also offer affordable payment plans with approved credit.

FAQs About Our Treatments

What is regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine is an exciting new medical field that harnesses the human body’s natural abilities to enhance tissues that are causing you pain in order to improve your quality of life. It includes several alternative therapies for pain that utilize natural biologics to reduce inflammation and help injured tissues heal and repair.

Are your regenerative treatments safe?

We have found regenerative treatments to be safe and effective when used locally for musculoskeletal injections (in and around joints and soft tissues). This has also been verified in multiple medical studies. We do not condone the use of any of these regenerative therapies for any systemic disease or administration intravenously.

What are the risks and side effects associated with your natural pain treatments?

Our natural pain treatments are injected at or near the site of the pain. Of course, as with any injection, there is always the risk of bleeding, local soreness, minor bruising, and possibly infection. But, in our experience, other than some localized soreness for a day or two, most people don’t experience any significant issues with regenerative pain medicine treatments.


What is the recovery time after regenerative pain medicine treatments?

There is no significant downtime after the treatments. You may experience some minor soreness at the site for a day or two, but nothing that would impair your ability to work or move. 

How long does it take for QC Kinetix alternative pain therapies to show results?

You may experience positive results from regenerative treatments within just a few days or weeks. However, the results of the regenerative pain medicine protocol continue to build over time and are typically not fully realized for 6 to 9 months.

Visit our Patient Testimonials page to hear what others are saying about their experiences with QC Kinetix.

Is there a Medical Director involved with our treatment plans?

Treatments are specially created by Dr. Mitchell Skeinkhop with 35 years of orthopedic surgery.

Low Testosterone Treatment Options with QC Kinetix*

While you might think low testosterone treatment (or “low T treatment”) is primarily used to aid sexual dysfunction or boost sex drive, its impact is much more far-reaching: Excessive fatigue, sleep disturbance, muscle weakness, and memory issues can all result from low testosterone levels. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms and want to explore natural low testosterone treatment options, QC Kinetix can help. Learn how our clients have benefitted from our regenerative treatments.

**Not available at all locations

Non-Surgical Hair Regeneration Treatment

Hair thinning and baldness can result from hormonal changes, medication side effects, medical conditions, or heredity. It is chronic, progressive, and frustrating, and it affects women as well as men. Thinning hair can occur as an overall thinning, a widening bald spot, a sudden loosening of the hair follicles, or several random bald patches. Regenerative therapies can provide successful treatments for thinning hair without surgery and the complications or contraindications of prescription hair stimulation medications.

**Not available at all locations