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Chronic Elbow Pain Relief

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You never realize how much you use your elbow in your daily life until it begins to hurt. Luckily, it's rare that people experience a specific injury to the area. However, many suffer from chronic elbow pain. This condition comes from overuse injuries.

Overuse injuries happen when people perform the same motion over and over. This repetitive action could be from a sport. Despite popular belief, athletes are not the only people to develop these elbow conditions. They can also develop as people cook, sew, or work in an office.

Tennis elbow and golfer's elbow are two of the most common elbow overuse injuries that cause pain. Both are inflammation of the tendons that run along the forearm to connect the wrist and elbow. Tennis elbow affects the lateral muscles on the outside of the forearm. Golfer's elbow affects the medial tendons, or those closer to the body.

Stem Cell for Elbow Pain?

QC Kinetix offers a wide variety of regenerative treatment options to the people of Asheville. We believe in a non-invasive approach to healing and pain management.

Regenerative therapy, including stem cell protocols, focus on encouraging the body to repair itself.

Surgeons go into the body and fix the problem. Then they leave the body to work hard to heal the new internal trauma. Essentially, they create an issue that's slightly easier for the body to fix and leave it to do so. Our programs help the body to heal itself in the first place, instead of causing new problems to fix later.

Elbow Arthritis Pain Relief

Sometimes, joints that have experienced a lot of use become chronically stiff and inflamed. This painful condition is called arthritis. Arthritis can have many underlying causes, but the pain and treatment are the same, regardless of the original circumstances.

At the QC Kinetix clinic in Asheville, we focus on first reducing inflammation and, consequently, pain. Not only does this lead to more efficient healing, but it also enables you to return to pain-free life much faster. Where other doctors prescribe scary medication to take for the rest of your life, we heal arthritis once and for all.

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