QC Providers

Tyler Vail, MMS, PA-C
Director of Regenerative Medicine

Tyler's passion to start QC Kinetix stems from his ambition to keep as many people out of the operating room as possible, by delivering the best, cutting-edge medical treatments available for non surgical pain management. Tyler brings with him years of orthopedic regenerative medicine expertise and surgery experience. Tyler moved from the Greater Miami area where he worked alongside some of the top orthopedic surgeons in the country and gained valuable experience in regenerative cell therapy. He has been instrumental in pioneering new regenerative medicine solutions, and is truly one of the leaders in the field. Our clinic is honored to have him as our Director of Regenerative Medicine.

Tyler is an avid golfer, racquetball player, runner, and triathlete. He has competed in 100-mile ultra-marathons and completed Ironman Texas in 2011. Prior to his orthopedic surgery experience, he was a run coach and biomechanical gait analyzer. His passion for healthy living is what drives him to keep people out of the operating room and keep them doing the things they love.

Growing up in the Carolinas, Tyler is excited to provide cutting-edge, regenerative cell therapy to the place he calls home. These treatments are no longer reserved for professional athletes in the biggest markets. QC Kinetix is excited to offer you the latest regenerative cell therapy treatments available in the United States.


Dr. Richard S. Schaffer, JR. M.D.
Medical Director

Board Certified Since 1998

Dr. Schaffer is very excited to be a part of the QC Kinetix clinic. His interest in sports medicine began back during his residency in the late 1990s when he served as a volunteer high school football team physician. Throughout his career he has been fortunate to see many advancements in non surgical pain management for sports medicine and for treating degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis. Unlike conventional steroid injections, these advanced natural cell therapies have shown great promise in helping to relieve joint pain and improve overall function related to both musculoskeletal injuries and degeneration.

Dr. Schaffer completed his residency in Family Medicine at The Carilion Clinic in Roanoke, Virginia in 1998. During his last year in residency, he served as the Chief Resident of Education and was awarded the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Outstanding Resident Teacher Award. He obtained his Doctor of Medicine degree at The University of Texas Medical Branch in 1995.

Having spent over 20 years in Virginia and the Carolinas since finishing his residency, Dr. Schaffer has very strong ties to the area. He thoroughly enjoys hiking, zip lining, and many other outdoor activities. He is very proud to be working with such a high quality, experienced clinician like Tyler and he looks forward to bringing advanced regenerative cell therapy injections to the Carolinas and beyond.


Lauren Lewis, MSN, FNP-C

Originally from Kinston, NC, Lauren fell in love with the Charleston area and active lifestyle enjoyed by many on the beautiful coast of South Carolina. With a background in exercise physiology and nursing, she completed her Master of Science in nursing and now practices as a certified nurse practitioner.

Lauren's passion for exercise and regenerative medicine as preventative treatments began as a personal trainer and evolved through her career on medical surgical and post-operative hospital units. She experienced first-hand the debilitating effects chronic pain, steroid use, and narcotics can have on patients' overall health and wellbeing. Lauren is honored to work alongside medical professionals whose strive to deliver the latest evidence-based practice and ground breaking treatments geared towards regenerating the quality of life desired by her patients. She is proud to be part of an organization like QC Kinetix that goes above and beyond to make sure their patients are well-educated and satisfied with their care.


Casey Sietsema, MMS, PA-C

CaseyCasey began his medical training in 2006 at Fort Sam Houston, TX as an Army Combat Medic and began his career as a Physician Assistant in 2013 after graduating with Honors from Nova Southeastern in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. During this time, Casey has practiced in emergency medicine, orthopedics, and pain management, giving him a broad perspective on how patients are managed and cared for, and giving him a passionate desire to approach the treatment of pain in a better way.

Casey joined QC Kinetix after seeing the amazing results they have provided their patients over the past several years. Not only was he impressed when talking with current patients but also, more importantly, he experienced these results for himself. It is with great privilege that he is leading the way in bringing QC Kinetix and our unique approach to regenerative medicine to Texas.

As an avid weight lifter and lover of all forms of competition, Casey knows the importance of being able to not only do the things in life that make you happy, but to also do them to the best of your ability and without pain. He has seen firsthand how not all surgeries are successful, and can lead to further complications and debilitation. With this in mind, his goal is to provide the best non-surgical, orthobiologic medicine available to the great people of Texas.


Clara Caughel, MMS, PA-C

Clara is a board certified Physician Assistant. After graduating with highest honors from Nova Southeastern University, Clara completed a residency specialty in emergency medicine at Florida Hospital. It was her time in the Emergency Department where she witnessed the over-use of narcotic pain medication, steroids, and other temporary quick fixes when she decided to explore alternative methods to help people achieve their goals of living a pain free life. Clara is passionate about providing a healthier, minimally invasive, and safer way towards treating a patient's pain. She wants to educate her patients that throwing quick fixes and toxic medications at chronic symptoms is not an effective long-term solution. Her goal is to help her patients restore their daily function and overall quality of life. Being the wife of a former professional baseball player, Clara has seen first hand how regenerative medicine can keep people out of the operating room and "on the field" doing what they love every day. It is her mission to do the same for her patients at QC Kinetix.

After witnessing QC Kinetix's impressive cutting-edge regenerative medicine therapy, she decided to join the team. She is extremely proud of the high standards of the QC Kinetix Code of Ethics with regard to patient education, treatment eligibility, and quality of care.

Born and raised in Florida, Clara, her husband Lindsey, and baby daughter Kennedy recently moved to Asheville where they are all enjoying the cooler weather, mountain views, and relaxed lifestyle.


Leah Hopkins, FNP-C

Leah is a Family Nurse Practitioner who obtained her Master's degree in Nursing following an 8 year career as a registered nurse with the Medical University of South Carolina. She received her Bachelor's degree in Nursing from Auburn University and her Master's degree in Nursing from Walden University while working full time. Leah utilizes her nursing skills and values to listen and understand her patient’s needs. She believes that each patient encounter is unique and there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to medical treatments.

Through her career as a nurse Leah has recognized there is a need for alternatives to surgery, pain medication, and steroids for musculoskeletal conditions. She feels the focus of patient's care should be on achieving long term goals rather than short term relief. She believes regenerative medicine provides the opportunity to improve quality of life in a safer, more effective way than most traditional treatments. Her goal is to improve her patient's quality of life in the most efficient way possible.

Lindsey Hess, MMS, PA-C

Lindsey is a recent Michigan transplant who fell in love with the Southeast during her time at South College in Knoxville, TN. After completing her Masters and becoming a board-certified Physician Assistant, Lindsey wanted to stay in the South where she could enjoy a much more forgiving climate than her home state has to offer. While she’ll never lose any love for her Michigan Wolverines, she has certainly grown accustomed to all the great and beautiful things the South has to offer. Lindsey is now calling Greenville, SC home and when she’s not treating patients, you can almost always catch her with her dogs Nellie and Olive, either at the park, on the water, or in the mountains.

Lindsey was first exposed to regenerative medicine during her Orthopedic Surgery rotation during her training.  She saw the impact these innovative therapies had on improving both pain control and over all  disease progression.  Having observed the overuse of steroids and pain medication on her rotations in school, she decided that she would focus on providing effective, long-term pain management without medications to help patients achieve their desired quality of life. She is excited to continue to learn and provide patient-centered care in this revolutionary field alongside the experienced and passionate medical professionals at QC Kinetix.


Dr. Aditya Gupta, MD, RPVI, D-ABVLM

Dr. Gupta is a Board-Certified Internist who graduated from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in the Bronx in 2017.  Originally, he completed medical school at Government Medical College Chandigarh, India. In 2018, he completed a fellowship in Venous and Lymphatic Medicine at the Center for Vein Restoration in Maryland. He specializes in both acute and chronic conditions of the lower extremity and is triple Board-Certified in Internal Medicine, Venous and Lymphatic Medicine, and as a Physician in Vascular Interpretation. He is also an experienced and award-winning medical researcher and was the team leader of the Pulse Polio Immunization Program organized by the World Health Organization during his medical school years.

During medical school, Dr. Gupta was a part of the athletic, basketball and cricket teams. He is an avid cyclist and bikes about 50 miles a week. He has participated three times in the annual 40-mile New York City 5 Boro Bike Tour. He also loves to kayak, read and travel.

Dr. Gupta has always had a huge interest in sports-related injuries and the latest advancements in minimally invasive and non-surgical procedures for managing and treating all such ailments. He has been a staunch believer and advocate of individualized patient care. Depending on the comorbidities, work, diet and lifestyle of each patient, their treatment plan needs to be adjusted and tuned accordingly. He is excited to be a part of the QC Kinetix team and looks forward to working with the medical staff to improve the quality of life of the patients we serve with regenerative cellular therapies in Texas.


Kristyn Olivarez, MMS, PA-C

Kristy has been a board-certified Physician Assistant since 2013. She received her undergraduate and master’s degree from Methodist University in Fayetteville, NC. She started as a CNA and medical technician in Assisted Living Facilities before getting her degree and beginning to practice as a PA-C in geriatric primary care in North Carolina. She moved to Texas to be closer to family and has been impressed by the promotion of exercise and healthy living in this area. She knows the importance of treating the whole patient and listening to their specific needs and goals.

Over the course of her career, she has watched so many people try short-term solutions for pain due to musculoskeletal conditions, like chronic opioid medication or repetitive steroid injections.  Knowing these only deteriorate conditions or ultimately hasten surgery, she began to learn about other more advanced treatments. As an avid runner, she understands the need for options to treat joint injuries and pain that will bring about sustained relief and allow one to remain active.  She is very excited to work with a group like QC Kinetix that offers orthobiologic options for patients, which are safe, minimally invasive and can provide long-term relief and improve quality of life.


Dr. Leeor Peleg, DO

Dr. Peleg graduated from the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences in Des Moines, Iowa in 1995 and completed his transitional rotating internship in Michigan from 1995-96. He completed his Emergency Medicine (EM) residency in 1999 and has been Board Certified in EM since 2001. Dr. Peleg has been practicing full-time in Emergency Medicine since 1999.

Dr. Peleg has a wide array of interests outside of medicine. He played ice hockey for 14 years while growing up in Michigan and is currently active in mountain biking, weight lifting, and physical fitness. He’s also an active vegan with a strong interest in nutritional science. He’s excited to be serving as a supervising physician for QC Kinetix, where patients have access to the latest therapies in non-surgical regenerative medicine.


Marc Difronzo, MMS, PA-C

Marc was born on Long Island, NY but grew up in Charleston, SC and received his B.S. in Exercise Science from College of Charleston. He has a total of 16 years of military service between active Special Operations and the South Carolina Army National Guard with a total of 6 deployments. Becoming a Physician Assistant was his dream job as he had an extensive medical background as a Ranger First Responder / EMT and Emergency Room Technician before being accepted to the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill.  Marc graduated with his Master’s Degree from the University of North Carolina in 2017 and moved back to his favorite city shortly thereafter to start his career.

Marc’s interest in regenerative medicine originated with his own journey to seek different treatment options for his own musculoskeletal issues. In addition, while working at a Post-Acute Care facility, he saw the limited treatment options for patients, who were usually overusing narcotics and NSAIDs, ultimately leading to dependency and other medical problems.

Marc’s goal is to promote a minimally invasive and clinically beneficial option to people that will give them the best possible opportunity to live their life to the fullest. He also finds inspiration in the words of Patch Adams, M.D. who said, "The purpose of a doctor or any human in general should not be to simply delay the death of the patient, but to increase the person's quality of life," and, "You treat a disease, you win, you lose.  You treat a person, I guarantee you, you'll win, no matter what the outcome."  Marc looks forward to treating you as a person at QC Kinetix, with the goal of improving your quality of life.


Charles Bodenheimer, AGNP-C

Charles was born and raised in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He received his Masters degree in nursing from George Washington University in May of 2018. He previously worked full time as a registered nurse at Wake Forest Baptist Health and Forsyth Medical Center. During his time as a registered nurse and nurse practitioner he worked in various clinical settings, including orthopedics. He saw the negative outcomes from chronic opioid use, repetitive steroid injections, and joint replacements that do not go well. He became interested in regenerative medicine after seeing the lack of long-term treatment options for musculoskeletal conditions.

Charles has interest in providing patients with holistic care and long-term pain relief options rather than utilizing short-term, less effective interventions. Charles believes that QC Kinetix provides patients with a safe, effective alternative to traditional treatments which improves patients' quality of life in the long term. Charles is excited to be a part of the QC Kinetix team where he can provide patients with lasting relief using the latest non-surgical regenerative medicine treatments.