Regenerative Health Providers and Physicians

The regenerative health providers at QC Kinetix are highly trained doctors and physician assistants who are board certified in sports medicine, orthopedic medicine and surgery, emergency medicine, geriatrics, and pain management. Each took their own path to discover the power of regenerative medicine to alleviate pain for their patients. We’re proud to work with these compassionate and skilled healers at the QC Kinetix regenerative health centers nationwide

Non-Invasive Surgical Alternative

Some causes of persistent musculoskeletal pain must be resolved through surgery. When we see cases like this, our regenerative health providers let our patients know their best course of action resides with a surgeon. But surgery is often not the only option or the best solution for many patients. Many of our physicians have seen patients undergo surgery only to compound their initial pain. Our minimally invasive, nonsurgical regenerative treatments for joint pain harness the enormous power of the human body to repair and renew itself. In this way, we go to the source of the pain to resolve it naturally. 

Many of our physicians and regenerative health providers began their careers in sports medicine. Working with professional athletes to mend broken bones and repair torn ligaments and tendons is highly rewarding. But too often, professional athletes and weekend warriors push themselves to return to the activities they love before they have fully healed from surgery. 

Unfortunately, orthopedic surgery often does as much or more damage to the body than the injury it seeks to repair. So a lengthy and painful recovery period is necessary. Regenerative medicine is an entirely different approach that enlists the body’s abilities to heal and repair its damaged tissues. 

Pain-Free Without Pills

Some of our regenerative health physicians have spent years combatting repeated opioid prescriptions and the resulting opioid addictions. It is so difficult for a doctor to gaze into the pain-filled eyes of their patients and refuse to help. But this understandable compassion has led to the nightmare of opioid abuse. 

So, rather than masking their patients’ pain temporarily, which invites reinjury, these physicians found their way to regenerative medicine instead. They can now provide their patients with genuine pain relief through natural biologic treatments that alleviate low back painelbow painknee pain, and more.

Even steroids are not the cure-all some doctors make them out to be. Although oral and injected steroids relieve inflammation, they have the potential for some pretty nasty side effects. And the injection of steroids can break down cartilage at the injection site, which leads to more pain. Our regenerative health providers with a background in pain management provide natural treatments that repair and resolve pain without compounding it with additional stress and toxic side effects.

Challenging the Idea That Pain Is Inevitable

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The QC Kinetix Concierge Medicine Approach

Have you ever been made to feel like an inconvenience at your doctor’s office? Ever been rushed in and out without the chance to ask your questions or feel heard? We understand. That won’t happen here. 

Despite their disparate backgrounds, all our regenerative health providers have embraced the QC Kinetix concierge approach to medicine. We never forget the human being who has the painful condition we are asked to address. We will always treat you with care and compassion while working to alleviate your pain. Learn what our patients are saying about their QC Kinetix experience.

Medical Management Team

Dr. Sander Fernandez, MD

Dr. Sander Fernandez is the Medical Director of the South Florida region QC Kinetix clinics. He is a board-certified family medicine physician who specializes in regenerative medicine and non-surgical pain management. He obtained his Doctor of Medicine degree from St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine in 2011 and completed his residency training in Family Medicine at East Carolina University/Vidant Medical Center in 2014. (He also obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from Florida International University in 2006, as well as a Master’s in Healthcare Administration from Davenport University in 2014.)

Dr. Fernandez has always had a passion for sports medicine and musculoskeletal pathology. Since his early years practicing sports and being surround by his father (former head coach of a national swim team), as well as his older brother (former professional Triathlete who sustained multiple injuries from which he struggled to recover), he knew steroids or anti-inflammatories were not the best treatment choices. He also knew that physical therapy had his limitations. Throughout his education, Dr. Fernandez has completed multiple CME courses and trainings with various organizations to continue advancing his knowledge and helping his patients with additional therapeutic options. Over the past 5 years, his practice has been focused on physical medicine and rehabilitation, non-surgical regenerative medicine, and clinical research. Witnessing so many patients take back their lives and be functional again through these treatments has been a very gratifying experience.

When he’s not busy treating patients, Dr. Fernandez loves going on adventures with his wife and children, serving on mission trips with his church, training for Triathlons, and playing golf and tennis.

Milton Menco, PA-C

Milton Menco is a certified PA (physician assistant) born in Colombia. He has a background in exercise physiology and worked as a medical laboratory researcher before attending the PA program at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he graduated with honors. Since graduating, he has worked in interventional pain management, urgent care and orthopedic surgery. He has managed patients as part of a team using a diverse spectrum of treatments including physical therapy, steroid and non-steroid joint injections, and surgery.

Milton’s interest in regenerative medicine piqued after noticing that an ample number of patients treated surgically and non-surgically were unsatisfied and frustrated with the outcomes obtained through these traditional therapies. The frustration only grew when many of them could never return to a fair quality of life or to their normal hobbies and levels of physical activity despite proper, traditional medical care. After learning about QC Kinetix and its innovative protocols in treating a great deal of patients with various musculoskeletal and degenerative conditions, he quickly jumped at the opportunity to become part of this team that is at the forefront of regenerative medicine.  He has completed a focused training and his goal is to educate and to successfully treat and restore a good quality of life to every patient that comes into our care.

Caitlin Sablotsky, PA-C

Caitlin Sablotsky is a South Florida native who graduated with her Master’s Degree in Physician Assistant Studies from Florida International University. Caitlin has years of experience in orthopedics and sports medicine, working with various Orthopedic Surgeons in Miami, FL and at orthopedic urgent care centers. Throughout her career she has witnessed the mental and physical toll chronic pain can have on a person. Her interest in regenerative medicine began during PA school when she decided to write her graduate clinical research thesis on the effects of PRP vs corticosteroid injections in musculoskeletal injuries. After seeing the positive results patients experienced without the toxicity of drugs or surgery, she knew that this branch of medicine was the best treatment out there. 


Caitlin loves living an active and healthy lifestyle, whether it is running outside or working out in the gym. She understands the importance of getting her patients back to doing what they love without their daily pain. Caitlin is honored to be a part of the QC Kinetix team working with an organization that is at the cutting edge of regenerative medicine.

Jennifer Gonzalez, PA-C, ATC

Jennifer is a dedicated and highly skilled Physician Assistant with a profound focus on orthopedic medicine. She began her journey in healthcare by earning a Bachelors in Athletic Training from Barry University, and Master’s degree in Physician Assistant studies from Miami Dade College.  She has ten plus years of orthopedic hands-on experience specializing in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of orthopedic related injuries. Her passion for regenerative medicine began when she was an ATC and discovered the benefits of PRP injections responsible for enhancing the performance and recovery of athletes. As a Physician Assistant she has collaborated with several Orthopedic Surgeons and kept pace with the latest advancements in orthopedic treatments and surgical techniques, including utilizing PRP injections in both surgical and non-surgical settings.

Jennifer was raised with a natural inclination towards movement and physical activity, which allowed her to develop a love for an active lifestyle early on. Whether it’s hitting the gym, exploring outdoor trails, or trying out new fitness trends, she thrives on the energy derived from staying physically engaged. She also has a passion for all sports, specifically Miami Heat and Dolphins, as she is a proud Miami Florida Native.

Estefania Parra, APRN, FNP-BC

Estefania Parra is a Nurse Practitioner with years of experience in both traditional medicine and holistic approaches, Estefania has a root cause and preventative medicine approach, and a passion seeing patients reach optimal health in both physical and emotional well-being.

She specializes in creating personalized plans that combine the best of conventional medicine with alternative therapies to alleviate pain and promote healing.

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