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  • The projected investment for a start-up franchise is between $220,130 to $328,830 (as described in further detail in the FDD). This investment is designed to allow a franchise owner, with the proper financial requirements, to operate a single clinic with a view towards potentially owning and operating multiple clinics. Please let us know how much capital you have to invest:
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We get to spend time with our patients, educate them, and walk with them through the treatments. In most doctor’s offices, you don’t get that kind of time.

Tyler Vail

PA-C and QC Kinetix President and co-founder, Charlotte, NC

I’m an avid weightlifter and love all forms of physical competition – I understand wanting to stay active and do the things you enjoy…and do them pain-free. It’s a privilege for me to bring QC Kinetix and our unique regenerative medicine approach to the great people of Texas.

Casey Sietsema

PA and Owner, Houston, TX

I am not medical professional, I’m a businessman who wanted to run a business that made a positive impact and was profitable. As a QC Kinetix franchisee, we see patients who, after just a few treatments, experience a reduction in pain, achieve improved mobility and most importantly are optimistic about their quality of life in the future. Becoming a medical franchise owner with QC Kinetix was the right decision for me.

Rob Lotz

Owner, Raleigh, NC

The support I’ve received from QC Kinetix leadership team has exceeded my expectations. Launching a new business – particularly one that is centered on the health and well-being of people in my own community – was both exciting and intimidating. The training and ongoing support I’ve received as a QC Kinetix franchisee has given me confidence – and the resources to run a successful operation.

Jason Mildenberger

Owner, Kansas City, MO

I’d never heard of a medical franchise before. Discovering a business model that had good ROI and provided the chance to offer patients non-surgical options for chronic pain and relief from past injuries seemed too good to be true. But as a QC Kinetix franchise owner, I’ve had access to a robust platform and expert team that’s made it possible for me to run a successful medical franchise and create a place that people trust.

Adam Rose

Myrtle Beach, SC