Tennis Elbow Treatment: Why Regenerative Medicine Works

Although relatively common, tennis elbow or (lateral epicondylitis), can be a painful condition that prevents you from easily moving your arm or bending the elbow and can take several months to heal.

The shoulder is an intricate joint made up of muscles, ligaments, tendons, fluid-filled sacs, and bones that work together. Because of this complexity of parts, pinpointing the source of the pain can be challenging. It could be any number of issues that develop over time, like:

  • Frozen shoulder
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Bursitis
  • Bone spurs
  • Calcium deposits

There could certainly also be shoulder joint pain derived from sudden injuries like a broken shoulder or arm bone, a dislocated shoulder joint, a pinched nerve, torn cartilage, or a torn rotator cuff.

What is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow occurs when tendons in your elbow are overloaded and swell, usually caused by repetitive motions of the wrist and arm or trauma that places stress on the joint. You don’t have to be a tennis player or sports enthusiast to suffer from tennis elbow, but it is common among athletes, especially if you play tennis, golf, or baseball, for example. There are also some professions that are more apt to seeing tennis elbow present itself due to the nature of the repetitive motion. Think about jobs like being a painter, dentist, carpenter, or plumber—those who are using the same muscle group day in and day out. People are most prone to being diagnosed with tennis elbow between the ages of 30-50.

Home Remedies

If you develop this condition, it could be many months before it feels better. There are a number of ways to treat the symptoms, although none of them are speedy. The do-it-yourself treatment involves icing, over-the-counter anti-inflammatory and pain relievers, stretching the arch of your foot, or massaging it, and modifying or avoiding activities that cause pain. For an injury like this, you can’t beat rest. Exercising can only exacerbate the problem. If you are a walker or runner, you may want to switch gears and instead consider swimming or cycling. When you are on your feet, however, it’s best to wear shoes with great arch support and cushioning — flats and bare feet make the problem worse.

Symptoms of Tennis Elbow

If you have tennis elbow, you will know it. The pain occurs primarily where the tendons of your forearm muscles attach to a bony bump on the outside of your elbow. Pain can also spread into your forearm and wrist. It’s the repetitive motion of, for example swinging a tennis racket that causes the tendons to become damaged. You are especially susceptible if you have weak shoulder and wrist muscles, forcing the elbow and forearm to do more of the work.

The pain may feel like burning, or an ache along the outside of your forearm and elbow and it will progressively get worse over time. If you are not able to rest the arm and elbow, you will likely experience perpetual pain or discomfort. Even something as routine as lifting a cup of coffee can become painful depending on the severity of the condition.

Treatment With Regenerative Medicine

At QC Kinetix, we want you to avoid surgery and remove pain through our regenerative medicine therapies designed to help you feel better, have restored functionality, and improve the quality of your life.

Our comprehensive regenerative medicine treatments are designed to minimize soft tissue and joint pain. QC Kinetix uses the body’s own healing properties through state-of-the-art natural biologic treatments as alternatives to invasive surgery and addictive pain medications.

The elbow joint is a complex arrangement of muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, and bursae that work in unison to enable motion. When it comes to pain in your elbow, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

If you are looking for a tennis elbow treatment solution, QC Kinetix can assist you with elbow pain treatment caused by injury, overuse, or arthritis. Our goal is to restore complete functionality to the elbow through regenerative medicine.

At QC Kinetix, we can customize a treatment plan based on your needs. Elbow pain relief can be achieved with our joint pain treatments.

In addition to our clinical treatment options to relieve your pain, check out our joint pain relief products.

  • Our Joint & Bone Health supplement improves the soreness and discomfort you have in your joints — allowing you to get back to doing what you love.
  • QC Hair Health supplement nourishes the health and growth of your hair. It contains important nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for your hair, promoting collagen growth and scalp hydration.
  • QC Men’s Health is a supplement designed to support men in helping improve their energy levels, stamina, and overall health.

If you’d like to learn more about our supplements or learn more about getting relief for your elbow pain, request an appointment.

Tennis Elbow Treatment


An option for tennis elbow recovery is over-the-counter pain relievers, stopping the overuse and resting the arm. There are other home remedies that can help like ice packs to reduce swelling, strengthening, and stretching exercises.

The best advice is to seek the proper diagnosis by a healthcare professional to ensure that it is tennis elbow that is causing your pain and not another condition. A doctor may also want to brace the elbow, use steroid injections or if treatments are not improving your condition, a provider may suggest surgery.

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