What Makes a Profitable Franchise: 4 Tips to Success

When looking for a franchise to buy, there are some definite must-haves to look for before you make that investment. You want to choose a franchise that aligns with your values and is within your scope of knowledge. But to have profit potential, you want to ensure the franchise you’re researching is performing, shows growth, and is dedicated to your success.

Owning a franchise has countless benefits. It satisfies your dreams of business ownership while reducing some of the risk because you use a proven business model. Franchise ownership also allows you to profit from the franchisor’s recognizable brand while running your own operation.

Keep in mind these four tips when searching for a profitable franchise.

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Costs vary

Consider all your costs before diving into this venture. First, know what you can afford. This means not only understanding franchise fees and royalties, but net worth and liquidity requirements. If this investment will necessitate financing, determine eligibility conditions needed to qualify.

Franchising is an investment like any other business. Fees can range from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars. You will need cash reserves to live on until income and profits start coming in. Remember, lower franchise fees are not necessarily indicative of low profits and vice versa.

When exploring costs, there are two sides to every coin. There’s your financial responsibility and there’s the understanding you must have about the financial performance of the brand. As you move through the discovery process, you can study the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) to learn more about the management and the brand’s culture. Check for financial stability and growth with a good overall performance record. Item 19 in the FDD outlines the brand’s financial performance and indicates the transparency level of the brand.

Opt for growth potential

Take a look at the brand’s unit growth. See how many franchise locations have opened in recent years; if there have been closures, find out why. What are the average sales per unit? How many units are still operating? Invest in a franchise that provides solutions with the potential for long-term growth. Fads are short-lived. Your investment strategy should aim for continued growth, so you want to partner with a franchise concept that fills an underserved niche in the marketplace.

Plus, research the vision of the franchisor: What are their ultimate goals, and have they achieved them or are they on their way? Keep in mind, a young brand may not have had a chance to build up the same type of brand recognition as a veteran franchise, but it can still be a strong contender as it grows. Brand recognition can serve a franchisee well by providing standards, and customer loyalty. You have options, to join a brand or help build a brand.

Look for lots of training and support

As with any business, having experience is advantageous. But starting a new business, even under the guidance of a proven operating system and model, can still be challenging. You want to make sure the franchise you are researching has a good training system in place to prepare you for opening and operating your franchise location. After all, it’s in the franchisor’s best interest for you to be successful — it helps grow the brand.

After the grand opening, find out how much ongoing support the franchisor supplies. Is the brand’s infrastructure designed to assist you throughout the life of your agreement? Find out how the franchisor keeps you informed about the latest innovations, answers your questions in a timely manner, or provides needed technical support. Here’s where a conversation with current franchisees will be beneficial. Find out how supportive the franchisor is and how strong the networking community is within the brand. Does the franchisor listen to the franchisees and act accordingly?

Communication is very important in business. Hearing from the franchisor about the vision of the brand keeps franchisees motivated and passionate about their ownership. When seeking out a profitable franchise, you want to look for strong corporate leadership that values you and maintains a personal touch, thus creating a positive culture.

Marketing matters

To grow your business, efficient marketing strategies are essential. You will likely be paying a marketing or advertising fee to the franchisor, so make sure it’s an effective one that works at a local level as well as for the overall brand.

From the beginning you need prospective customers to know you’re out there, and you need consistent messaging to keep them coming back. Establishing a strong presence in the market is done through smart strategizing of traditional and social media.

Franchise Profit Potential


These four characteristics of what makes a profitable franchise are crucial to set you up for success, but there are other factors to consider.

You want to look for a franchise that is not only priced right, but also has a good ROI. It helps to understand the projected amount of time it will take to pay back your investment and begin turning a profit.

The most successful or profitable businesses are those that can adapt and change as the market changes. Franchises that provide services that adjust to consumer needs and trends, and grow as the world markets do, position themselves for success. Look for a brand that is not afraid of renovating.

While it certainly is dependent on the type of business, service, or product the brand provides — accessibility and visibility are key to profitability. That can mean anything from having great signage in a high traffic brick-and-mortar location or it may mean a strong brand presence through marketing.

Ensuring Your Success as a Franchisee


To seal the deal on your decision, remember competition is the name of the game. But it’s all relative. Is the market saturated with similar concepts and brands? What will set you apart?

What sets us apart at QC Kinetix is our commitment to our patients to help them with long-term relief from musculoskeletal pain through regenerative medicine. The natural treatment options we offer our patients can postpone or eliminate the need for surgery.

We are on the cutting edge of regenerative therapy and treatments. As a QC Kinetix franchisee, you’ll have a chance to be part of this pioneering movement that is experiencing enormous growth.

Initial startup costs range between $159,030 and $300,230, with an average initial investment of about $250,000. Our multi-unit franchise option means you can strive for greater financial goals by owning a number of QC Kinetix locations and following our proven model.

This medical franchise opportunity is ideal for both medical professionals and motivated entrepreneurs. Our model strategically allows you to have a positive, long-term impact on patients, while at the same time building a practice that is personally rewarding and has great profit potential without the red tape from insurance companies.

We are a strong brand with a positive reputation. Our experienced leadership will provide everything you need to set you up for success — from ongoing operational support to effective marketing programs and continuing education.

Now is the time. Let’s get started with your opportunity to be part of a growing profitable franchise in a cutting-edge medical business.

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