Supplements for Back Pain: What You Need to Know and How They Can Help You

Whether you have suffered an injury or suffer from chronic discomfort, back pain is a common ailment and one of the main work-related disabilities. Eight out of 10 Americans will suffer from back pain. Worldwide, it affects more than 500 million people. The Mayo Clinic says it’s the most common reason people visit the doctor’s office: looking for traditional pain relief or supplements for back pain.

My Back Pain

Sometimes, there is no way to prevent back pain. If you twist badly or overdo it when lifting, the next thing you feel is a dull, constant ache, or a sudden, sharp pain, and you’re looking for relief. The pain may persist for a few weeks or become chronic. Sometimes the pain can spread down one or both legs and cause weakness, numbness, or tingling.

The cause may be a muscle or ligament strain, a bulging or ruptured disc, arthritis or osteoporosis.

Risk factors

You may be more prone to back pain for several reasons. Risk factors include:

  • Fitness level – If you are not as fit as you would like, it may mean that you have weak back and stomach muscles. These muscles must be strong to support the spine.
  • Weight – Excess body weight overloads the back.
  • Lifting heavy objects – Lifting objects that are too heavy or incorrectly can put too much pressure on your back.
  • Age – Back pain is more common with age and can start to cause problems after the age of 30.
  • Genetics – Some spinal disorders are hereditary.

Vitamin deficiencies causing back pain

It is important to note that vitamin deficiencies can contribute to back pain. When certain vitamins and nutrients are lacking, the body cannot perform at its best.

    Vitamina D

    There have been studies showing the correlation between vitamin D deficiencies and people with low back pain. The findings show that people with arthritis and muscle pain often have low levels of vitamin D, which keeps bones healthy by improving the body’s absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

    Calcio y magnesio

    Are minerals that build and strengthen bones, as well as maintain muscle and nerve function. Magnesium is often used to prevent muscle spasms or cramps.

    Vitamina B12

    is another important agent in keeping the spine healthy. The B complex is important in the formation and repair of blood cells, DNA, and the maintenance of brain cells. Vitamin B12 can help replenish nerve cells and reduce inflammation.

    Vitamina B3

    Another B vitamin, also known as niacin, can relieve pain.

    Vitamina E

     is important for back health. It serves as an antioxidant that can relieve lower back pain by reducing toxic free radicals in the body and repairing damaged tissue.

    Vitamina C

    repairs tissues, reduces inflammation and works with the immune system to accelerate healing. It can also reduce the progression of osteoarthritis, a leading cause of back pain.

    Back pain relief

    It would be logical that, if you increase your intake of these vitamins and minerals, you could contribute to the healing of back pain. However, finding all of these vitamins naturally in the foods you eat could be quite a nutritional undertaking. That’s why back pain supplements have all the properties your body needs to repair tissues and relieve pain.

    Although many people may turn to over-the-counter medications, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), or prescription pain relievers to relieve discomfort, there are steps you can take to improve your pain and the overall health of your back.

    The most common area of ​​back pain is the lower back because it supports the weight of the upper body. That’s why many look for lower back supplements: to prevent further pain and heal damage.

    QC Kinetix provides natural healing

    If you are looking for relief, QC Kinetix is ​​your only option. Utilizamos la medicina regenerativa para ayudar a nuestros pacientes a encontrar alivio del dolor crónico debido a lesiones, artritis y otras afecciones musculoesqueléticas. We believe in using the body’s natural healing properties to heal and repair. We offer cutting-edge treatments using regenerative medicine to improve your quality of life.

    If you are looking for supplements for back pain, QC Kinetix’s Joint & Bone Health is designed to work in conjunction with your biologic treatment protocol to be a natural solution that gets results – without the pain. Our supplements provide alivio del dolor articular through a scientific formula with ingredients specifically tailored to help promote overall joint health, joint mobility, and promote joint comfort, including those supplemental nutrients you may be lacking, such as vitamin d.

    We have several supplemental formulas, all designed to heal or repair specific needs. Our hair health supplements can help improve hair thinning and loss. And QC Men’s Health is a scientifically formulated dietary supplement developed by a QC Kinetix physician, with ingredients specifically tailored to help improve men’s overall health.

    Whether you want to improve your health or suffer from back pain and want to heal naturally, make an appointment for a free consultation and learn more about our regenerative medicine treatments and supplements.

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