Can Tendons Heal Naturally? 4 Myths and Truths

You probably never even think about the job being done by the tendons in your body until you’ve had an injury and experience some level of pain. Question is, can tendons heal naturally after an injury, or will you have to seek treatment? Let’s unpack the myths and truths about how tendons heal.

What are Tendons?

Tendons are strong, fibrous tissues that connect muscles to bones, enabling movement and providing stability in the body. They come in varying shapes and sizes and are all over the body. They look similar to a rope with collagen fibers. The National Institutes of Health describes tendons as a mechanical bridge between muscles and bones. Tendons supply the force generated for movement.

Physiologically, when muscles contract, they pull on the tendons, which, in turn, pull on the bones, resulting in movement at the joint. Tendons are designed to withstand significant tension and can store and release energy to enhance movement efficiency.

Tendon Treatment: Myth or Truth?

Tendon Treatment: Myth or Truth?

  1. When you have a tendon injury, it’s best to push through the pain and stay active so that the tendon doesn’t stiffen up.

You don’t want to push through pain. That’s never a good idea. Initially, using the RICE method (rest, ice, compression, elevation) is recommended for tendon strains, followed by light exercise to prevent the area from stiffening up and causing more pain. Physical therapists can offer guidance on the correct movements to offer relief and promote healing.

When dealing with tendinitis, ice or heat may work, along with splints or braces for support, anti-inflammatories, and light exercise. Some conditions may require surgery, followed by physical therapy. Often, providers may also recommend steroid injections for certain tendon injuries.

  1. It takes several weeks for a mild tendon strain to repair itself.

You want to know; can tendons heal naturally? The answer is yes — sometimes. Mild tendon injuries can heal on their own, but because tendons generally have a more limited blood supply than muscles, they are slower to heal. While healing is underway, it’s best to treat the affected areas with heat or ice as needed for discomfort or pain.

  1. If you take collagen, it will help repair the injured tendon faster.

Many experts believe that since collagen is a component of tendon fibers, taking a collagen supplement may have some healing properties. The National Institutes of Health did a study about collagen used for joint health. The research discussed the benefits of collagen to keep tendons healthy and heal minor injuries.

  1. Tendons repair on their own with no need for medical care.

Treatments for tendons are dependent on the type of injury it is. For example, your provider may suggest rest and anti-inflammatory meds to help with the pain from a tear in the tendon. But depending on the location and severity, your provider may recommend surgery to repair the tear.


This is when you tear, twist, or pull a tendon. It occurs more commonly in your arms and legs.


This is inflammation caused by repetitive activities, overuse, or aging. Tendonitis, or tendinitis, typically presents in your Achilles tendon, elbow, hip, knee, shoulder, or thumb. Many athletes deal with rotator cuff or tennis elbow tendonitis.


These are injuries or dysfunction that cause microtears in the tendons, due to repetitive motion or injury. If tears are left untreated, it can cause a rupture and significant pain.

The Truth About QC Kinetix Regenerative Treatment


No myths here. We offer non-surgical treatments for the pain caused by musculoskeletal conditions through our regenerative therapies. Regenerative medicine treatments can help the body heal faster using natural biologics – that is, harnessing a patient’s own natural growth factors from their body, concentrating them, and using them in affected joints or tendons for faster, natural healing. It reduces inflammation, leading to a faster recovery and decreased overall pain. Our goal is to improve your quality of life and help you resume your daily activities as quickly as possible through restorative treatments that use the best healing ingredients your body provides.

If you’re hurting from an injury to a tendon or other musculoskeletal issues, schedule a free consultation. We will take time to review your medical history and design a plan customized to your needs to help ease your discomfort, improve your mobility, and restore your quality of life.

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