Regenerative Medicine: How It Can Help You and What You Should Know

Regenerative medicine is a scientific field pioneering the natural ability of the body to use its own healing properties to restore function of injured or damaged areas of the body.

It’s proof of how amazing the human body is.

Regenerative medicine focuses on developing and applying new treatments to improve and enhance function lost due to aging, disease, damage or defects.

Regenerative therapy is showing great promise with relieving pain when it comes to musculoskeletal issues. At QC Kinetix, we use the latest in natural, regenerative therapies that have been proven to be effective for countless patients suffering from joint inflammation, chronic pain, or a lack of mobility. Our regenerative therapies provide effective, non-surgical treatments of musculoskeletal conditions.

Scientific research shows that regenerative therapy prompts the body to enact a self-healing response. For many patients, regenerative therapy is welcome treatment for both recent injuries or lifelong degenerative and disabling conditions.

What this means to you is that these medical advancements are creating solutions to improve your wellness and quality of life.

Benefits of Regenerative Medicine


Restorative function

Perhaps the biggest benefit of regenerative medicine is that it improves and revitalizes areas of the body that are damaged. It’s not about clinically treating symptoms or putting a band-aid on a chronic issue. It is about restoring damaged cells and tissues.

Less medication

For many patients who have been told surgery is their next move, regenerative therapies can be a game-changer. You can use your body’s natural ability to heal to ease your pain. This could also mean reducing or eliminating the need for pain meds.

No surgery

At QC Kinetix, procedures we offer are minimally invasive. Much lower risk than, for example, a joint replacement surgery. You are treated in our clinics with a customized plan, designed to care for your specific issue whether that’s pain, discomfort or lack of mobility.

Quality of life

Most people don’t experience any major issues with regenerative medicine therapies, allowing you to go back to your daily routine with no downtime Full results are expected within six to nine months. The goal of every QC Kinetix clinic is to help our patients get back to enjoying life.

What’s This Going to Cost Me?


Our regenerative therapy treatments are typically 6-8 weeks. However, every patient at QC Kinetix is given individualized care to provide the best treatment for your particular issue,which means prices vary depending on the number of treatments you receive.

With the wave of healthcare consumerism, more people are taking control of their health and wellness. This empowerment movement means patients are making the decisions that are best for them rather than healthcare decisions being dictated by benefits.

We operate in a concierge medicine style, eliminating the red tape of working with insurance companies. This also allows us to spend more quality time with you as a patient, helping you fully understand your options.

The Future of Regenerative Medicine


When it comes to regenerative therapy, we’re seeing great promise and innovation. There will be further advancement using the body’s ability to regenerate its own cells and tissues to heal itself.

There is much study and research underway to use this protocol to help restore and repair the effects of many conditions and disease in the human body. The potential is there to heal or replace tissues and organs damaged by age, disease, or trauma with the opportunity to treat chronic and acute conditions.

Advancements also mean you can benefit from supplements you can conveniently use at home. Coupled with your Biologics treatment protocol and a healthy diet and lifestyle, QC Kinetix supplements help in a number of ways.

For pain relief, there’s QC Kinetix’ Joint & Bone Health promoting your comfort and mobility. Our hair health supplement is designed to help you improve the appearance and thickness of your hair without the need for surgery or harsh medications. Plus, our men’s health supplement is specifically tailored to improve men’s overall health.

These scientifically formulated supplements were designed by a QC Kinetix doctor with your improved health in mind. You don’t even need an appointment; just order them online.

At QC Kinetix, our patients are seeing great results with their treatments. If you’d like to learn more about easing your pain naturally, request an appointment so you can start improving your quality of life today.

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