Lumbar Rhizotomy: Risks & Alternatives to Surgery

Some 80% of American adults will suffer from some form of back pain in their lifetime. According to the Health Policy Institute at Georgetown University, about 16 million Americans will experience chronic or persistent back pain. Chronic pain can limit everyday activities and quality of life. Many patients who have tried a number of therapies for pain, such as steroid injections, NSAIDS, and physical therapy with no relief, may consider having a procedure called lumbar rhizotomy.

People who are candidates for a lumbar rhizotomy procedure suffer from arthritis in the back and neck, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, chronic low back pain, whiplash, or degenerative disc disease. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, this procedure is also known as facet rhizotomy because it affects the nerves in the facet joints of the spine.

Surgical Procedure

So, what exactly is lumbar rhizotomy? Treatment is in the lumbar region of the spine, which is five bones in the lower back. The Cleveland Clinic describes the lumbar vertebrae as L1 to L5 — the largest in the entire spine. In that area, during this procedure, the nerves are being treated in an effort to relieve pain. Rhizotomy, also known as neurotomy, is an interruption of a nerve. A pain management specialist will consider doing this procedure if a patient is experiencing pain that is not responding to other treatments.

The procedure itself is considered minimally invasive surgery with the goal of relieving nerve pain in the back by deadening nerve fibers that are responsible for carrying pain signals to the brain. The procedure is performed with general or local anesthesia. Surgically, this is done by severing the nerve fiber. A surgeon will insert an electrode through fluoroscopy to find the exact location of the problematic nerve or nerves, which is deadened to prevent pain messages from going to the brain. Experts say the lumbar rhizotomy can alleviate pain for as long as several years until the nerve sensation returns.

The procedure itself takes only a few minutes, and there is minimal pain involved. Lumbar rhizotomy recovery is about a week, and there may be some localized pain, swelling, or bruising where the rhizotomy was done.

Reports vary but say the success rate for this surgery is anywhere from 70% to 80%, and within a few years, the pain may return with nerve regrowth.

Alternative to Surgery with QC Kinetix


“If you are experiencing back pain and are looking for clinically unique alternatives prior to considering this surgery for pain relief, you should strongly consider a consultation at QC Kinetix. At QC Kinetix, we understand how debilitating back pain can be. It can truly affect the way you live. Our goal is to restore your quality of life through a range of non-surgical regenerative medicine practices for lower back conditions. We are a non-surgical regenerative medicine practice dedicated to helping you minimize inflammation and soreness associated with musculoskeletal conditions or injury.”

A visit to our clinic begins with introductory information and a chance to get to know you. We prepare a customized regenerative treatment program and then educate you about it. Part of that treatment may include laser therapy. This is a popular modality that may provide relief to joints and muscles. The laser energy concentrates on the damaged area to create a photochemical response, which has the potential to accelerate recovery and improve mobility.

In partnership with your regenerative medicine treatment, you may choose to enhance your treatment using our natural biologic supplements. QC Kinetix’s Joint & Bone Health is tailored to work in conjunction with your biologic’s treatment protocol as a natural solution for aches and soreness. Our supplements are a natural scientific formula with ingredients specifically tailored to help promote overall joint health, joint mobility, and support joint comfort.

In addition to joint health, our hair health supplements can help improve hair thinning and hair loss. And QC Men’s Health is a scientifically formulated dietary supplement developed by a QC Kinetix physician, with ingredients specifically tailored to help improve a man’s overall health.

Whether you’re looking to boost your health or are suffering from back issues and are seeking natural options, request an appointment for a free consultation to learn more about our regenerative medicine treatments and supplements.

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