QC Kinetix

Stem Cell Therapy

Unlock your body’s ability to heal itself with regenerative medicine and capitalize on Advances in Cellular Biology.

PRP Therapy

Supercharge your natural healing process with platelet-rich plasma. Put an end to suffering from chronic pain, an old sports injury or other conditions, and regain your life.

Practice Consulting

Dealing with the sales cycle, effective marketing, clinical knowledge, and technical procedures are always tough. Reach out to QC Kinetix to see how we can help you with our turnkey, proven, regenerative medicine service center!

Introduction to QC Kinetix

You’re tired of the constant pain, weary from the impact of limited mobility, tired of addictive pain medications, and tired of the physical and emotional toll on your body. Turn to our board-certified physicians and regenerative medicine specialists for a rejuvenating experience, and enjoy life with the freedom of full and pain-free mobility.

QC Kinetix is THE place to go when you’ve been told invasive surgery is your best option, or after you’ve tried everything to eliminate the pain and immobility of your condition without success. Serving the state of South Carolina, we provide comprehensive diagnostics and treatments, including stem cell therapy and PRP therapy, for everyone from weekend warriors and professional athletes to aging patients who want to stay active. We don’t just mask the symptoms – we are dedicated to healing your body from the inside out for true healthy function.

Interested in learning more? We’d love for you to schedule a free consultation to find out how regenerative medicine can help you reclaim your life after limited mobility and pain have kept you sidelined. Call 843-303-9825 to schedule an appointment at our Charleston, SC regenerative medicine office today, or request more information online.