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How would you rate your pain levels on a scale of one to ten? How do we know that you’re in pain? Because you’ve been looking for a pain clinic serving the UNCC area. Welcome to QX Kinetix, University City. We’re here to assist with pain management through regenerative medicine.

Regenerative medicine is an exciting field. It works by boosting the body’s healing abilities. Our bodies are powerful healers under the right circumstances. Sometimes, though, they do require a little help. We can provide that help.

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  • Offering advanced stem cell therapy and injections for knees and for pain in other joints
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At QC Kinetix, we use a range of advanced techniques. We deal with a wide range of acute and chronic conditions. Regenerative treatments are especially useful in formerly hard to treat cases. The procedures can assist with the regeneration of cartilage and healing of muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

  • Stem Cell Treatment: If you're suffering from arthritis pain, or an injury to any joint, stem cell treatment could be just right for you. Why stem cells? They're the one type of cell in the body that can adapt to what the body needs.
    The treatment protocol is relatively simple. Your specialist will inject the stem cells along with Hyaluronic Acid. The Hyaluronic Acid will give a measure of pain relief and lubricate the joints. This, in turn, improves mobility while the stem cells repair the cartilage.
  • PRP Therapy: If you’re a busy exec in University City, then you'll appreciate not needing the downtime of surgery. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy uses your blood platelets to stimulate your body's production of stem cells. We'll harvest the platelets and then inject them into the injured area.
    PRP is a quick procedure with minimal recovery time.
  • Neuropathy Treatment: Your nervous system extends to every part of your body. If something goes wrong, the pain is excruciating. The pain often shows up in a different part of the body.
    This makes a proper diagnosis more difficult. Book your consultation today and get the right diagnosis fast.

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Pain performs a critical function. It lets you know that something has gone wrong. It's there to stop you from using the injured body part. Unfortunately, many of us get to a point where we believe that surgery is the only option.

That might have been true twenty years ago, but it no longer is. Book a consultation at QC Kinetix and get your personalized pain management plan. We don't just treat the symptoms. We also work on repairing what's causing the pain.

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Female runner knee injury and pain.

Maybe you're serious about your sports or fitness. Perhaps you're just trying to get back into shape. No matter who you are, injuring yourself can prove to be a severe setback. That's why you need the right diagnosis and the best possible treatment options.

Speak to our sports medicine specialists about regenerative treatments today. You’ll recover faster and stronger. Speak to us today about returning to peak physical condition.

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Low T Therapy - for peak performance

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Cheerful couple sitting in front of new house

Testosterone levels may be naturally low. They may also drop over time for a variety of reasons. Low testosterone makes it harder to build muscles and new muscle mass. It also dampens the libido. Our Low T Therapy will soon help you set things right.

We'll naturally also try to establish what caused the low levels of testosterone in the first place. It's relatively common for stress or injury to disrupt the levels of this hormone. Fortunately, getting you back on track is a relatively simple thanks to our therapeutic options.

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The musculoskeletal system consists of your bones, nerves, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. When something goes wrong, it causes pain and impedes mobility. Speak to one of our orthopedic specialists about non-surgical alternatives to assist healing.

Why QC Kinetix?

We’re the top wellness center in Charlotte. We’re committed to finding you the best possible treatment options. We aim to help you lead an active life free from pain. Speak to us today if your physical pain is getting in your way.

Our practice is a state-of-the-art facility. We work with a team of highly skilled specialists. We consistently update our skills. Why? We are the best because we offer our patients the best diagnostic procedures, treatments, and bedside manner.

We’re extremely thorough in our approach. We'll look at what has and hasn't worked, but we make no assumptions. We conduct a complete examination to find the root cause of the issue. Without treating that, any pain relief will only be temporary.

We prioritize non-surgical treatment methods. If we feel that your case won't respond well, we'll tell you upfront. There are some cases where we do advocate surgery. When we say that an operation is essential, there are no other alternatives.

If you’re looking for an affordable, effective, and long-term solution to painful conditions, book your consultation today.

About University City, Charlotte, NC

Unsurprisingly, University City takes its name from the University of North Carolina. You'll often find people referring to the suburb as UNCC. Some even refer to it as a city within a city.

You'll find the area lively with something always on the go. It could be celebrating football on Saturdays. If you're not a 49ers fan, watch out. Or it could be a fun theme night at a local pub, fine dining, or one of a thousand possible experiences.

If you prefer to get away from it all, head over to Reedy Creek Nature Center, there's nothing like the clean scent of pine to clear the mind. Then stop in at Ninety's Sandwiches to regain your strength. Their milkshakes are heavenly.
Need to cure a hangover? Get a yummy shawarma at Le Kebab.

It's not all fun and games here. There's also some serious studying at the campus. When they complete their studies, graduates have their pick of the many Fortune 500 companies in the area.

See how that went from fun to serious in literally no time at all? That’s the kind of changeable nature of this neighborhood. One thing's for sure; University City is never dull.