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Things that can provide arthritis relief

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Things that can provide arthritis relief

Arthritis is a broad disease topic that is degenerative and creates chronic painful conditions. It is typically paired with joint inflammation that causes pain and stiffness. Traditionally arthritis is treated with painkillers and anti-inflammation medications that cause pain and stiffness. It generally affects the joints and it can also affect other body parts like kidneys, eyes, skin, heart, and lungs. The good news for arthritis patients is many things can help you reduce and prevent pain. Natural remedies for arthritis relief includes relaxing in an Epsom salt bath, ginger and turmeric tea for pain relief, magnesium-rich diet, use olive oil, essential oils.

Diet is not a cure for arthritis, but certain foods have nutrients that can boost the immune system, strengthen bones and fight inflammation. Best foods that can provide arthritis relief are fatty fish, garlic, ginger, broccoli, walnuts, berries, spinach, grapes, and tart cherry juice.

Other things that can provide relief from arthritis pain get good sleep and more vitamin D, topical medications, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, steroid injection, hyaluronic acid injection; trigger point injections, nerve block, peripheral nerve stimulation, pain pump, deep brain stimulation.

Protect your joint: take care of your joints. Avoid doing activities that you know your joints are not able to handle or create discomfort.

Regular exercise: exercise is the key component in keeping your joints pain free. Exercise improves your mood and gives energy. Walk, swimming, cycling, and light weight training are good exercises to ease arthritis pain. Always check your doctor before doing any exercise. If you are looking to preserve your joints, opt for swimming. It creates resistance with the water while being kind on your joints, especially within your lower extremities.

Rest: giving enough rest to your body is important. Proper rest can help you relax your mind, relieve joint pain and reduce the fatigue associated with this disease.

Lose weight: being overweight may place excessive stress on your joints and can adversely affect your hips, back, and knees.

Add fatty acids to your diet: omega-3 fatty acids diligently reduce your arthritis symptoms. Fish oil supplements are high in omega-3s that reduces joint pain and stiffness. Another acid that helps provide arthritis relief is Gama linolenic acid.

There are holistic therapies to relieve arthritis pain without the side effects of pain medications.
Acupuncture: tiny needles are placed into specific areas of the body to decrease arthritis pain.

Electroacupuncture is also used to decrease arthritis pain. It restores balance and reroutes energies in your body.

Meditation: relaxation and meditation techniques can help you reduce arthritis pain by reducing the stress and making you able to cope better with it. Stress leads to swelling, pain and inflammation drop.

Chiropractic care: chiropractic adjustments help relieve pain by treating muscle spasm, affected by arthritis.

Hot and cold therapy: simple hot and cold therapy can diminish the arthritis pain. Long hot showers help ease joint stiffness. A moist heating pad or an electric blanket at night can help you keep your joints loose. Cold treatments are great for relieving inflammation, swelling and joint pain.

Massage therapy: regular massage of your arthritic joints can help reduce stiffness and pain and improve the range of motion.

Herbal supplements: these are many herbal supplements that are able to provide arthritis relief. Some of these supplements include thunder god vine, stinging nettle, ginkgo, devil’s claw etc.


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