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How it Works?

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Low Testosterone Therapy


Improve Your Quality Of Life


At QC Kinetix, should you pursue a Low T work up, we will perform a comprehensive exam and laboratory analysis of hormone levels. In addition, should you need Low T therapy, we are extremely conscientious about making sure your testosterone levels remain within normal physiologic ranges. We have a rigorous program that requires strict monitoring of your progress. If you qualify for Low T Therapy, rest assured we will follow your case closely and maintain your testosterone levels within normal physiologic ranges. This will give you the best chance to significantly impact the quality of your life safely and effectively.


Who is a candidate?


One of the many important factors that can help improve your quality of life is a healthful hormone balance. Not only will you experience a higher quality of life, but also your regenerative medicine results will be enhanced.  In men, one of the most common hormone imbalances comes with low testosterone ("Low T") levels. Typically, after the age of 30-35, men's testosterone production tends to start dropping. This can lead to a multitude of symptoms. While you may commonly believe that Low T leads mostly to sexual dysfunction, this is actually just one of the symptoms that can occur and is not even the most common reason we see men for Low T. Any of the following symptoms could be related to a Low T level:

Poor Sleep
Weakness of muscle strength

Hair Loss
Increased Body Fat
Decreased Libido

Erectile Dysfunction
Mood Changes
Memory Problems

Correcting hormone levels (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and others) in women can also drastically change their quality of life in many ways as well.  While QC Kinetix does not currently have a Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Program (BHRT) in place for women, we know many outstanding local clinics that do a wonderful job managing BHRT for women and we commonly refer our female patients to them for a full evaluation.

FAQ's About Low Testosterone Therapy