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How can Cryotherapy be used for pain?

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How Can Cryotherapy be used for pain?

Cryotherapy otherwise known as the cold therapy has been gaining so much attention in the medical field lately. Here the therapist makes use of the freezing temperatures to destroy diseased cells and to alleviate pain. As odd as it might sound, this amusing therapy has been a bestowing element for those who suffer from deadly cancer and chronic pain condition. Cryotherapy has a promising cure for people with skin related diseases, internal tumors, weight loss, rain relief, and as a skin rejuvenator. Some researchers claim that cryotherapy holds the key to prolonged lifetime. This article comprises of ideas of cryotherapy can be used for pain.

What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a method of using localized lower temperature or freezing condition to exterminate the cells causing trouble. This therapy soothes the nerves responsible for pain stimulation besides helping you vanquish the pain. Though there are various advantages of cryotherapy, however, pain relief and pain management are the most noted benefits of cryotherapy.

How does it work?

Cryotherapy works well for people seeking pain relief. The therapist inserts a probe into the area where the disturbing nerve is situated. Gradually the temperature of the probe is decreased to a freezing cold condition. The nerve destroys the troubling nerve resulting in pain relief. In some cases, the therapy is carried out in the cryotherapy chamber where your whole body is treated.

Cryotherapy for pain management

Reduced swelling and pain

Research suggests that cryotherapy is associated with reducing the swelling and decrease our sensitivity to pain which in turn soothes the pain. This therapy is highly recommended for people with athletic pain since they need a quick recovery. Some pains that can be eased through cryotherapy include

  1. Runners' Knee
  2. Tendonitis
  3. Sprains
  4. Swelling and pain after knee and joint replacement

Relieves Arthritis pain

Chronic pains are hard to manage; they can make our daily tasks tiresome. Using this therapy the area with chronic pain can be profitably reduced. Moreover, the therapy is less invasive with fewer side effects so it is an ideal alternative to drugs and surgeries.



Relives pain and muscular cramps

Cryotherapy techniques are best for relieving pain; sports injuries, muscular pains, and cramps have faster healings through this therapy. Remember the old days when a doctor would ask us to apply ice cubes on the painful area? This is a lot like that. But here the temperature is a lot lower so that the healing process is at accelerating speed too.

Reduction in inflammation

Cryotherapy can have a significant improvement in reducing chronic inflammation. Inflammation is our body's way of fighting against the immune system. But sometimes the diseases like arthritis, dementia, cancer, diabetes lead to chronic swellings at such cases cryotherapy can be a lot helpful.

Possible risk factors

Though cryotherapy is bestowed with a long list of healing properties, it does have some side effects in rare cases

  1. If proper precautions are not taken, you are more likely to get frost bites
  2. Decrease the flow of blood within the body
  3. Causes mild infections or asthma
  4. If you think cryotherapy is right for you to do some online research on your own and consult your physician.



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