Highland Creek, NC

Do you remember those action movies from the eighties? The ones like Rambo where the pain was immaterial. Those were a lot of fun to watch, but far from realistic. Living with pain is anything but a quick stroll through the jungle. You can't just shrug it off.

Pain is your body's natural defense mechanism, designed to prevent you from doing yourself more harm. Sometimes, though, it can get in the way of your recovery. It can make your life so miserable that you'll do anything to make it stop – even surgery.

Before you book the operating room, though, schedule a consultation with QC Kinetix. We focus on non-surgical solutions that don’t require significant convalescence. At QC Kinetics, we specialize in pain management through regenerative medicine.

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What is Regenerative Medicine?

Your body has strong healing capabilities. Think of all the strain our bodies are subjected to every day. It's only the natural healing processes that our bodies possess that keeps us moving and getting out of bed each day.

At times, though, the body needs assistance. That’s where the QC Kinetix Pain Clinic comes into the picture. We use techniques that bolster the body’s healing processes. We help the body to help itself.

We offer advanced techniques that cover a range of chronic and acute conditions. Regenerative therapy has a wide range of applications because it helps the body rebuild damaged tissue.

  • Stem Cell Treatment: We don’t believe in superheroes. If we did, though, the Stem Cell would get our vote. These versatile little cells can perform the functions of any cell in the body. If, for example, your cartilage is degenerating, stem cells can step in and create new cartilage.
    Stem cell therapy works well for treating degenerative conditions in the joints.
    We inject healthy stem cells into the site. These stem cells get busy repairing the damage and building new cartilage.
    We also inject Hyaluronic Acid to reduce pain and inflammation and provide lubrication for the joint. You’ll start feeling relief from the first treatment.
  • PRP Therapy: Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy operates similarly. Here, though, we use platelets from your bloodstream as the healing mechanism. Instead of rebuilding tissue, they stimulate the creation of stem cells. The result is the same – your body heals itself using stem cells.
  • Neuropathy Treatment: We offer a range of treatments to assist with neurological pain. We use state of the art diagnostic equipment to zero in on the source of the pain. Finding the source otherwise can be difficult because of the nature of neuropathy.

    Pain doesn’t always present at the site of the injury. It can be referred elsewhere in the body.

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There's no good reason to suffer through the pain. If you're in pain, your body needs help. Speak to QC Kinetix about finding the right solution for your needs.

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Female runner knee injury and pain.

If you’re training hard, you can’t afford setbacks. If you injure yourself, you need to give your body time to heal. At the same time, though, you want to get back out there and start training. Speak to our sports medicine specialists about the best treatment options.

We’ll have you back at the Highland Creek Golf Course, perfecting your swing as fast as possible. Our non-surgical, regenerative treatments cut recovery time significantly.

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Testosterone levels in men can fluctuate. It’s perfectly natural for them to dip a bit low occasionally. If they stay on the low side, though, it becomes problematic. Speak to QC Kinetix about improving low testosterone levels safely and naturally.

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Orthopedics is a fascinating field that covers a lot of ground. It’s a complex system that works together flawlessly. It’s one of Mother Nature’s most flawless designs if you consider the number of factors that work together simultaneously.

Our specialist orthopedic team is standing by to address musculoskeletal issues that you’re experiencing.

Why QC Kinetix?

QC Kinetix is proud to serve the community of Highland Creek. We’re committed to offering our patients the best solutions. We always act in your best interests. If we don’t feel that our treatments will benefit you, we won’t waste your time with them. Not everyone is an ideal candidate.

If you are a good candidate, prepare for a whole new experience. Our goal is to get you off the sick list as fast and as safely as possible. We give your body the tools that it needs to heal itself.

We use state of the art equipment and cutting-edge treatments that promote natural healing. Book an appointment today and let us discuss your options with you. With specialists from several different disciplines on board, we can adopt a multi-pronged treatment protocol.

If you’re looking for an affordable, effective, and long-term solution to painful conditions, book your consultation today.

About Highland Creek, NC

Highland Creek is a fair-sized community that’s just a few minutes from Charlotte’s bustling Uptown area. Now home to more than 14,000 residents, it’s unique position places it in three city districts – Charlotte, Huntersville, and Concord.

Highland Creek, incidentally, also falls in both the Cabarrus and Mecklenburg counties.

It’s not hard to see why Highland Creek is now the biggest planned community in the state. The community is well kept with a lot to keep residents occupied.

Spend a hot summer’s day cooling off in the community pool. There are five of them, so there’s plenty of space.

If you’re looking for something else to do, why not practice your golf swing at the Highland Creek Golf Course? The course was once one of the finest in North Carolina.

The course has since changed management. It's not quite up to its old standard, but it’s getting there. It’s still worth playing the full 18 holes for practice, though.

There are four large parks in the area. They're great for a day out with the family. Check out the park's schedules because they will often screen movie nights or other forms of entertainment.