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Healthy shoulders let you spike a volleyball, plant a garden, or lift and cuddle a grandchild. Your shoulders are the most flexible and complex joints in your body, but they’re also the most commonly injured joints. Severe que dolor de hombro impairs work and hobbies and makes simple tasks like bathing and dressing an ordeal.
Over 600,000 shoulder surgeries of various types are performed each year to alleviate pain and restore function. If you’re one of the many suffering from severe shoulder pain and looking for relief, you’re probably wondering, “How much does shoulder surgery cost?” In this article, we’ll look at how expensive various types of shoulder surgeries are and examine alternatives.

Understanding the Cost Factors of Shoulder Surgery

The cost of shoulder surgery is affected by many different factors, including the type of surgery, whether or not you have insurance, and the type of insurance you have. There are other cost factors to consider as well.

The costs for shoulder surgery include the surgeon’s fees, facility fees, and anesthesia fees. Some shoulder injuries are complex and take much longer to repair than more straightforward cases. These costs are typically billed by the procedure rather than hourly. The facility fees generally cover additional nursing and surgical assistants, as well as the supplies and medications used during the surgery. But these factors just address the actual surgery time.

When exploring how much shoulder surgery costs, remember that additional costs like imaging (X-rays or MRIs), physical therapy, lost work, and post-surgical medications also add up. The surgeon’s and anasthesiologists’ experience and reputations, the location, and the type of facility where your surgery is performed also factor into the overall cost.

Cost Breakdown by Common Procedures

To simplify the question, let’s examine how much shoulder surgery costs without insurance. We’ll look at several common surgeries. According to MDSave, these are the average shoulder surgery costs across the country:

Rotator cuff surgery

Shoulder arthroscopy

Shoulder arthroscopy with SLAP lesion repair

Complete shoulder replacement (outpatient)

Complete shoulder replacement (inpatient)

These surgical costs vary by the region, location, and facility where the shoulder surgery is performed. The severity of the injury and the patient’s age and general health are additional variables that can affect the procedure recommended and extra care required, which can impact the cost.

Discovering Non-Invasive Options at QC Kinetix

Discovering how much shoulder replacement surgery costs causes many to look for alternatives to surgery. When you factor in the pain, scarring, extensive physical therapy, and lost time at work, the demand for shoulder surgery alternatives grows. While massage therapy, cortisone injections, and pain supplements can provide pain relief, QC Kinetix offers a non-surgical, drug-free path to pain relief that aims to restore shoulder function, strength, and mobility.

Regenerative medicine for shoulder pain harnesses the innate healing processes of your body, directing them to the source of your pain. When we break a bone, a doctor sets the bone so it will heal in proper alignment, but it is the body that performs the essential repair of knitting the bone back together. This healing mechanism is the power behind regenerative medicine. Our restorative shoulder treatments guide the body’s ability to restore itself.

Our restorative shoulder treatments are non-invasive and drug-free. While you may feel a bit of soreness for a couple of days, there is no need to miss work or to sideline your favorite hobbies.

When comparing how much shoulder surgery costs relative to regenerative medicine, insurance coverage is a critical component. At this time, major insurance companies do not cover regenerative therapies.

Elevate Your Shoulder Health With QC Kinetix

If you suffer from shoulder pain or have been told you need shoulder surgery, you owe it to yourself to consider your options. In some cases, surgery is the best solution. But for most people, regenerative therapy alleviates their pain, allowing mobility, strength, and function to return without the costs and the pain of surgery. 

Find your local Clínica QC Kinetix to schedule your free consultation today, or Contacto con cualquier pregunta.

Shoulder Surgery FAQs

Is shoulder surgery covered by insurance?

Yes — shoulder surgeries, such as replacement, rotator cuff repair, and reconstruction, are typically covered by major insurance companies. Your specific insurance plan, deductibles, co-pays, and reason for the surgery will all factor into how much the shoulder surgery costs. You must choose a surgeon and facility that your specific plan covers.

How long is bed rest after shoulder surgery?

Typically, you will not be confined to bed rest following shoulder surgery. However, you will have to wear a sling, restrict your activities, and sleep in a recliner for four to six weeks, depending upon the type of shoulder surgery you need. Your surgeon will provide detailed recommendations.

Do you have to sleep in a chair after shoulder surgery?
No, you’re not required to sleep in a chair after every type of shoulder surgery, but it is often recommended. It can be very painful to sleep fully reclined for a few weeks after shoulder surgery. Sleeping in a chair or on an incline is often advised to aid healing and reduce pain, particularly after certain procedures like rotator cuff repair.

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