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Are you currently in a lot of pain? We empathize – pain is debilitating. All you want to do is to get on with your life, and, suddenly, your body stops co-operating. If it’s an on-going condition, you’re likely to do almost anything for it to stop.

Your doctor may even recommend surgery. It's the last resort, so they'd investigate thoroughly before going this route. Before you opt for painful surgery and long recovery times, come and see us. We offer pain management and healing through regenerative medicine.

Regenerative treatments work with the body's systems. They assist in regenerating the tissues of the body. They do this by boosting the body's internal healing mechanism.

If you’re in Charlotte Center City, visit QC Kinetix – the country’s premier wellness clinic.

Medical clinic - Non-surgical regeneration

Stem Cell Therapy - Free Consultation!

  • Offering advanced stem cell therapy and injections for knees and for pain in other joints
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We use innovative treatments at our pain clinic. We deal with both acute and chronic injuries and pain. Our regenerative treatments are effective for degenerative conditions and injuries of the musculoskeletal system.

Stem Cell Treatment
This treatment is best suited to treating joint inflammation and arthritis. It’s highly effective because stem cells can take on whatever form is necessary. The stem cells get to work at creating new cartilage and tissue.
To reduce pain and provide lubrication in the interim, we also inject Hyaluronic Acid.

PRP Therapy
Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is just as versatile. Instead of injecting stem cells, we inject platelets. These platelets then kickstart the body's production of stem cells and are responsible for the regenerative effect. Say goodbye to daily doses of painkillers.

Neuropathy Treatment
Neuropathy can be excruciating. It can also be complicated to diagnose the root cause. This is because pain is often referred outside

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  • Get advanced holistic treatments for chronic knee pain, back pain management and more.
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We say things like, "Grin and bear it." Invariably this means trying to ignore pain. Unfortunately, pain plays a crucial function in the body. If you don't listen, it's only going to escalate.

If you live in Charlotte Center City, there’s no reason to soldier on. Our non-surgical treatment options offer fast recovery times for the busy executive.

We’ll assist with pain relief. We’ll help you regain mobility. But, more than that, we’ll work on solving the root cause of the issue. Without doing that, all you’re doing is slapping a Bandaid on the problem. It’ll mask the symptoms for a while, but the pain will come back.

Sports medicine physician - don't let injuries get you down

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Female runner knee injury and pain.

If you're an athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or even just trying to get into shape, injuries can be significant setbacks. Improve your recovery times by consulting with us. Our team of sports medicine specialists is on hand to assist.

Let us custom build a treatment regimen to help you heal fast with lasting results. Come out of this setback in the best shape possible by using regenerative medicine.

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Low T Therapy - for peak performance

  • Highly rated wellness center - check out our patient testimonials
  • Providing top tier low testosterone therapy solutions
  • Our clinic physicians are local to Charlotte Center City & serve patients in nearby areas.
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Cheerful couple sitting in front of new house

Testosterone is responsible for a range of functions in the body. It's what helps a man develop muscle mass more efficiently. It's what gives men their stamina and plays an essential role in their libido.

Unfortunately, many factors can reduce testosterone production in the body. Please speak to us about our Low T Therapy and start enjoying renewed vigor.

Orthopedic clinic - contact us for a free quote

  • Searching online for pain relief near me? Consult with a professional doctor at QC Kinetix.
  • Our pain management experts are experience when it comes to non-surgical remedies and will help you find the best treatment to suit your need.
  • Local orthopedic clinic with offices in Charlotte Center City NC and beyond.
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We have a team of outstanding orthopedic specialists. Note that we didn't use the term surgeons. Our team members are skilled surgeons, but they prefer to use regenerative medicine where possible. If they say that you need surgery, then there is no other option.

Why QC Kinetix?

We're committed to matching you with the best treatment options possible. We want our patients to live life to the fullest. We’ll help you to manage your pain and heal quickly. Your pain-free future starts with a simple visit to our offices.

We have a team of highly skilled specialists, the most up to date tech, and a leaning toward non-surgical alternatives. You’ll battle to find this combination at any other practice. Please speak to us and let us assess your condition. Be prepared for the first consultation to run long. We're extremely thorough because that's the best way to find the best solution. We also want to ensure that you’re a suitable candidate for the treatment.

Once we’ve made our assessment, we’ll discuss the options you have. In most cases, we can offer a viable alternative to surgery. You might wonder why your doctor didn’t discuss this option with you. The reason is that these are very specialized treatment options. They’re not available everywhere.

Your doctor gives you the best advice he can with the information that he has. Not all doctors are aware of the advances in regenerative medicine, so they stick with what they know – surgery.

If you’re looking for an affordable, effective, and long-term solution to painful conditions, book your consultation today.

More About Charlotte Center City

The Charlotte City Center is where the business of the city is handled quickly and efficiently. It's a heady mix of professionals, creatives, and developers bustling to attend meetings. People work hard. But they play just as hard.

The city center has always been a hub for trade. It was a vital trading path for Native Americans hundreds of years ago. It's filled with skyscrapers, beautiful cathedrals, and more to do than you could imagine.

While you're there, check out the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Make a break for the record in one of the simulators or check out the cool exhibits. Craft beer is an old hat here in Charlotte. Why not check out the excellent local wines as well?

Get yourself a 48-hour pass, and you can visit all three of the best museums for a low price. The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art showcases artists making their mark today. The Harvey B Grant Center offers interesting insights into the culture and history of African Americans.

Don’t forget that the Mint Museum covers two separate locations.

If your interests are more epicurean, you're spoiled for choice. Choose fine dining or opt for simple street food.