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Are you a healthcare provider interested in adding regenerative medicine to your clinic? Do you see a lot of patients with non surgical orthopedic injuries and chronic musculoskeletal pain? Have you heard of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP Therapy) and regenerative stem cell therapy, but have been unsure how these orthobiologic treatments could positively affect your patients’ clinical outcomes? With the ever-changing decrease in insurance reimbursements, regenerative therapies are both a way to dramatically improve your patients’ results, as well as help your overall bottom line.

Dealing with the sales cycle, effective marketing, clinical knowledge, and technical procedures are always tough. Reach out to our Charleston SC pain management doctors to see how we can help you with our turnkey, proven, regenerative medicine service center! Let us help you add orthobiologics to your practice. We will literally do the work for you!

Give your patients what they want and what you want to deliver: decreased pain, increased function, and a better quality of life, naturally. Get astounding results, augment your clinical practice, and be able to offer your patients the latest in cutting-edge medicine. Email or call us today for more information, no matter where your practice is located! We look forward to working with you!

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