PRP Regenerative Injection Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP therapy has been used since 1987 to help accelerate the recovery process after surgery or injuries, and to decrease inflammation and ultimately pain. Although it was first used during open heart surgery, PRP therapy usage has grown dramatically to include pain management and other conditions over the past several years. Many athletes, including Tiger Woods, have received PRP therapy for various issues and conditions that would have normally been treated with medications or even surgery. PRP therapy can often delay or even eliminate the need for invasive surgical procedures for patients who struggle with a variety of issues. PRP regenerative injection therapy is a safe, effective, and minimally invasive treatment that helps your body heal quicker , regain function, and reduce or even eliminate pain.

What Can PRP Therapy Treat?

The applications for PRP Therapy have continued to grow over the past decade due to the high concentration of platelets used, which stimulate your body’s natural healing process. Here at our pain management Charleston SC clinic we use PRP Therapy to treat patients suffering from acute and chronic tendon injuries including tendonitis, tendon tears, plantar fasciitis, and many other conditions or tendon injuries in the knee, thigh, foot, elbow, or shoulders. We also see patients who suffer from ligament injuries or sprains in the elbow, hand, knee, foot, ankle, and more.

How Does PRP Regenerative Injection Therapy Work?

We collect a blood sample from you that is placed into a centrifuge to separate the cells to collect a high concentration of plasma. We then extract the platelet-rich plasma and inject it into the damaged area to stimulate healing and repair the site. Many patients notice a dramatic improvement and decrease of pain after just one injection, but you may require multiple injections for best results. Once platelets are extracted, the injection takes only minutes, after which you can return back to your daily routine. At your follow-up appointment you, together with our local pain management doctors, will determine if there is a need for additional injections.

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